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All of our software is compatible with the latest Windows versions, 32- and 64-bit.

Sanitas™ Statistical Software continues to be the most EPA-compliant package on the market. View the latest EPA Unified Guidance...

Sanitas Technologies

Sanitas Technologies has been a national leader in the design, development and deployment of groundwater statistical analysis and environmental statistical software since 1991. Our software is used by environmental consultants and engineers, landfill operators, municipalities, utility power plants and state regulatory agencies.

Groundwater Analysis & Environmental Solutions

Sanitas for Groundwater and Environmental Media

Sanitas™ Statistical Software

Version 9.6 has been released: if you are an existing Sanitas user and have not received an email announcement, please contact us.

Groundwater (and more) Statistics:
-Detection Monitoring
-Assessment Monitoring
-Corrective Action
Entire Suite of EPA-recommended RCRA statistics; ASTM Standards D 6312-98, CA and other State-specific Standards; Automated Decision Support; Multiple Report Processing. Suitable for use with newly-regulated electrical utility ash ponds.

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WQStat Plus Environmental Statistical Software

WQStat Plus™

WQStat Plus is no longer available for purchase. We are encouraging our WQStat Plus users to upgrade to the Sanitas package, which will continue to be maintained and kept up-to-date with statistical guidance. We are offering substantial discounts to former WQStat Plus users.

Evaluate Environmental Data of Various Media (Surface Water, Groundwater, Air, Soil); Basic EPA-recommended RCRA statistics; Single Report Processing.

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See the Press Release announcing Sanitas v.9 

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