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Sanitas™  is offered at no cost* to US Federal and State regulators, as well as to regulators in Canada.  Contact us for more information.


Sanitas™ Facility License:

The facility-specific license includes one year of unlimited software support and free upgrades, and 90 minutes of telephone statistical support by our staff of statistical experts1. A facility license permits multiple users at multiple locations to use Sanitas™ to review and analyze data for the licensed facility. 

Sanitas™ Pricing 2

    • License: 
      Facility 1   $1675
      Facilities 2 - 5   $1390
      Facilities 6 - 14   $1250
      Facilities 15 & up    $1095
    • Maintenance3. One year of maintenance, including unlimited software support and free upgrades, is included with purchase. Annual license maintenance for the second and subsequent years: 
      Facility 1  $395 
      Facilities 2 - 5  $335 each 
      Facilities 6 - 14  $275 each 
      Facilities 15 & up $235 each 

    The software may be installed on an unlimited number of office computers. Registered WQStat Plus™ users receive a 100% credit on their purchase of WQStat.

1 The 90 minutes of free telephone statistical support covers explanations of statistical tests used in Sanitas™ and answers to specific questions about the licensee's analysis plan. It does not cover reviews of licensee's data, analysis proposals or summary reports; however, these services are available at our regular consulting fees. return 
 Licensee may be required to schedule telephone statistical support calls in advance. 
2  Multiple facility discounts are based on the licensee providing a single billing contact and one point of contact for all software and statistical support. return 
3 Annual license renewal fees are guaranteed for one year after the license date. The fees may be subject to change in subsequent years. If the annual license maintenance for a facility is allowed to lapse, subsequent renewal will be subject to the full price of a license. return 


* Regulatory license is for use in reviewing statistical analyses of water quality data submitted by regulated facilities, as part of official regulatory compliance oversight activities.


Product News:

Version 10, released at the end of 2023, introduces the .Sanitas data file format. .Sanitas files are fully self-contained, smaller and easily portable, and network-ready.

The latest Sanitas version also includes various user interface enhancements and bug fixes, is compatible with the latest Windows versions, and provides a stable platform for future development.

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