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Sanitas™  is offered at no cost to US Federal and State regulators, as well as to regulators in Canada*.  Contact us for more information.


Sanitas™ Facility License:

The facility-specific license includes one year of unlimited software support and free upgrades, and 90 minutes of telephone statistical support by our staff of statistical experts1. A facility license permits multiple users at multiple locations to use Sanitas™ to review and analyze data for the licensed facility. 

Sanitas™ Pricing 2

    • License: 
      Facility 1   $1675
      Facilities 2 - 5   $1390
      Facilities 6 - 14   $1250
      Facilities 15 & up    $1095
    • Maintenance3. One year of maintenance, including unlimited software support and free upgrades, is included with purchase. The optional Annual Software Maintenance Program renewal for the second and subsequent years: 
      Facility 1  $395 
      Facilities 2 - 5  $335 each 
      Facilities 6 - 14  $275 each 
      Facilities 15 & up $235 each 

    The software may be installed on an unlimited number of office computers. Registered WQStat Plus™ users receive a 100% credit on their purchase of WQStat.

1 The 90 minutes of free telephone statistical support covers explanations of statistical tests used in Sanitas™ and answers to specific questions about the licensee's analysis plan. It does not cover reviews of licensee's data, analysis proposals or summary reports; however, these services are available at our regular consulting fees. return 
 Licensee may be required to schedule telephone statistical support calls in advance. 
2  Multiple facility discounts are based on the licensee providing one point of contact for all software and statistical support calls. return 
3 The Annual Software Maintenance Program renewal fees are guaranteed for one year after the license date. The fees may be subject to change in subsequent years. If the Annual Software Maintenance Program for a facility is allowed to lapse, subsequent renewal will be subject to the full price of a license. return 


* Regulatory license is for use in reviewing statistical analyses of water quality data submitted by regulated facilities, as part of official regulatory compliance oversight activities.


Product News:

Version 9.6 has been released!

Major new features include:

  • <PQL values, in prior versions converted internally to <MDL, are now tracked, from import to analysis to export
  • Automation of Unified Guidance "Simple Substitution" recommendation (for NDs < 15%)
  • Increased maximum "facility parameters" for determination of UG prediction limit Kappa values
  • Improved constituent name Aliasing, including dedicated alias lists by data file
  • Option to remove trends by removing the most recent background value(s) in the Date Ranges window
  • A variety of new options in View->Print Selected Data
Version 9.6 also includes various user interface enhancements and bug fixes, is compatible with the latest Windows versions, and provides a stable platform for future development.

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