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On Sanitas:

Steve Jett, Senior Hydrogeologist, Herst Associates

“Sanitas is a user-friendly tool that provides the statistical methodologies recommended by EPA in order to comply with state regulatory requirements. The Sanitas graphs and summary tables provide valuable assistance in communicating the results.”

Elizabeth Schrader, Project Assistant, Biggs & Matthews Environmental

“The Sanitas program is truly like a great Christmas present. It is very user friendly and makes understanding our data behavior so much clearer.”

On Consulting:

Krys Jesionek, P.E. Associate, Geosyntec Consultants

I have worked with the Sanitas consultants for many years and am consistently pleased with the quality of their work and responsiveness of their staff.

On the Workshop:

Susan Whitt, Environmental Science Technician, Andrews Environmental

Statistical lectures, computer exercises, and handouts well coordinated to facilitate learning.

Jolisa Bahr, Environmental Engineer, HKM Engineering, Inc.

Learn how to decipher data and how to make the most cost-effective and scientific decisions for customers.

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